On This Hair Matter…


Oestrogen Alert! Please stay away from this the write-ups in this category if you’re allergic to large amounts of oestrogen all at once! Yes, contrary to what some of you might think, I can be girly too! ^_^


Hi Everyone!

My mum once told me that as a kid I had very healthy full, long hair. I found this really hard to believe. First off, by the time I was old enough to understand what it meant to have long, full hair,  I had already started wearing my hair short. Unfortunately I don’t remember much about the hair before that. Second, when I finally started growing my hair again after secondary school, I didn’t even grow it out beyond a couple of weeks (maybe 6 or 8) before I hit it with relaxers! 😦 If only I knew then what I know now. So basically, le natural hair was never even given the chance to flourish. Poor thing.

Funny, how it means so much to me now to have healthy hair when there are all sorts of things I could do to cover it up, weaves, braids, hair extensions… But no. I find that the real deal is actually important to me. I was *indicates with thumb and index finger* this close to cutting my hair at the end of last year. But then I realized I could actually transition from the light, weak, (not-so-full), relaxer-damaged hair that is mine, to complete natural (hopefully healthy) hair.

Transitioning just means taking time to grow out your natural hair and resisting the urge to re-touch!  At first, I though that not having to retouch my hair for like forever (maybe) wouldn’t be easy, but then I thought again of ALL my hair-retouch sessions in the salon (ACTUALLY a time-to-cry-and-whimper-in-pain-session, PS- I’ve tried all sorts of relaxers, kits, even poured powder in my hair, to no avail) and I realized I’d be glad never to have to go through any of that again. Also, I have really, REALLY soft hair. I think that’s the reason its always breaking off too easily in the first place. After re-touching, everything becomes extra soft and weak. So I’m hoping handling my natural hair won’t be too much of an uphill task.

I don’t really know if I’ll be posting pictures of my hair and its progress during this journey to the world of natural hair… on my blog, but I should have a couple of them on instagram. Username – etana007.

I’m also hoping to get tips from a couple of people I know who have successfully transitioned (or completely shaved everything off at some point…) People like Naza (@thegraceseeker), Yolanda (@miss_zannie) who also blogs at zannyzane.blogspot.com and one other lady – Princess Roberts (whose contact info, I’m still trying to get a hold of, lol!). I gave the idea of going natural my very first thought after I met Princess. There’s also this Natural Hair Care blog I’ve found out (among many others) – realhaircareafrica.wordpress.com Great stuff on there too.

Its been roughly 2 months since the last time I retouched this hair that is mine and I really can’t wait for the days to go by faster. Finally I’m excited about/looking forward to something (Ahdonbilivit!).

Until Later,