Stone As My Pillow, Sand As My Bed.

(Choral Club, Federal Govt’ Girls’ College Onitsha. Sometime in the year…2000)

I wasn’t a member of the choral club. I wish I was. Those people seemed like they had a lot of fun. And they were one of the happening clubs in school then. Oh well, I belonged to another happening club. Two other happening clubs actually. But that’s a story for another day.

This is a song the choral club presented at one of the school functions. Don’t mind the title. It’s probably wrong. It was one of my favorites. I honestly don’t know how I managed to remember the lyrics after all these years. I am sure these lyrics are not absolutely correct. In fact, I have this gut feeling that i’m missing an entire verse… abi two sef!  haha!  I searched the entire web,  but it seems no one in any other part of the world cared to document this poem.  So, anyhoo… enjoy!

The war-ship had landed

And I came ashore

The fighting was over

For me evermore

Although I’d been wounded

And left there for dead

Stone as my pillow,  Sand as my bed.


I went to my hometown

My darl, to see

The house which I built

For me and my darl

The door was left open

And I ran inside

But I saw a picture

Of her and a man…


The dress she was wearing

Was ‘suicide’ to me

My Lady was wearing

A new wedding gown

Then I saw a letter

She wrote these words

“Missing In Action”

She thought I was dead…


To All Those Who Have Loved And Lost… 01/01/2011

[Some of you who are my friends on Facebook already know this write-up]
The topic just came to me… Funny enough, I don’t really know what to write in it. I don’t think I fall into this category (of people who have loved and lost their loved ones), but all of a sudden, I feel an urgent need to identify with them, reach out to them, go into their world, try to feel what they feel, and somehow, connect with them. I’m crazy. Right?
Love, ah! Honestly, I can’t explain it. The beautiful thing about it is, it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It can take any shape or form you want it to. It is what you call it. There are as many definitions to the word love as there are many people in love. If you take your time to ask each and everyone of them, they’ll give you their own versions of the meaning of the word. But then, when you look at their different renditions, a few key words appear in them all. Ooops, that’s not what I’m here to talk about! Anyway, if you in anyway have loved before, Kudos! It’s a beautiful thing.

Terrence died in that ghastly auto-accident…
Janet lost a 3-year battle to cancer…
Ken and I became separated from our budding relationship because he got transferred him out of the country…
Phil started to fancy my best friend Anna…
And so it goes…
Billy Joel wrote:
In every heart, there is a room
A sanctuary, safe and strong
To heal the wounds of lovers past
Until a new one comes along…

Man is the most adaptive being God created. He has this innate ability to adjust, heal, re-settle and survive. One of the most natural processes that occur in the human body is the healing process.
A famous writer once said, “Out of suffering will emerge the strongest of souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars.”
I know you’ve ‘seen’ pain. You’ve felt the hurt deep in your bones. It felt as though the earth were about to stop revolving. She was your world. He was your reason for living. But you lost her and he left you for another. She gave you the cold shoulder and he abandoned you. Your life is not over. You have the capacity to heal. In you lies the ability to live and love again. That room in your heart is there. You’ve just got to find it, get in there, lock the door behind you, let the healing begin, and be sure to look out the window from time to time to see when a new love comes along.
Good luck.